Positive in yellow

A crop of oilseed rape in full flower demands attention. There is something compelling about the strident, unnatural ocean of colour breaking the harmony. As dusk approached I drove around a country bend to see this yellow sea end abruptly at the grass footpath, as if it were a yellow Hokusai wave. I turned around, parked up and produced this rapid watercolour with my gear spread out on the bonnet of the car.
As darkness approached and the colours were fading to grey, I managed to leave it as it looked when
I first saw it.

This painting of two oilseed fields by the lane was produced on Sunday morning, and I used an easel for
a change, allowing me to paint quite freely, standing back often to decide how much is just enough, so to speak. It was quiet except for a Whitethroat that had taken up territory in the hedge separating the two oilseed fields and was expressing himself with his dry, jangly song constantly. A perfect soundtrack.

Of the many meanings of yellow across world cultures, ‘ol Wikipedia tells me, in Japan it symbolises courage; in China it is the colour of happiness and wisdom, as well as the colour chosen by Buddhists
for mourning.

On our life’s journey, we will all lose someone who was very proud of our achievements and in their eyes
we could do no wrong. This bright picture is for them.

Sunlight in the lane, Terling Hall Road. Painted on a quiet and peaceful Sunday morning in May

4 thoughts on “Positive in yellow

  1. Wow!! I love that you had your used the bonnet of your car to put your brushes, I can see why. Such a magical spot. I try to always have my camera with me just in case I see something that I need to record. This is so magical, I can feel the sun, hear the Whitethroat and smell the countryside. ” to decide how much is just enough” you got it just right!! I eagerly await for your paint brushes to be inspired by the magical English countryside.
    My we all remember those special people that we have lost, who we think about everyday and still love very much, that it hurts.
    Thank you Alan

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