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The journey is on fire

While I’m struggling with “the owl in the lamplight” (see Work in progress) journeys around the M25 at night seemed to become fascinating rather than tedious. After a “show and tell” session with artist friends, the project took on a new direction…..never mind the bird, look at the colours and the shapes, man! The wine helped, obviously.

I’m now working on a series of images (or just one that I’m happy with!) of the motorway’s curves, lamplight, weather and atmosphere, textures and patterns.

M25 northern section, Eastbound
M25 Northern section, Eastbound, Ink, 2011
M25 northern, eastbound orange digital
M25 Northern section,Eastbound, Ink and digital

The first couple of images I produced looked like the whole sky was on fire, which wasn’t ideal, so I went back to black ink only, and played around in Adobe©Photoshop© to experiment a little with colour before attacking another sheet of paper!

The other problem was the rigid, mechanical structure had to be played down so that
the atmosphere and pattern can become the main theme, and again the first couple of attempts show how I struggled a little with that. I’ll be adding images here as
I produce them…

M25 2 Northern, eastbound, Ink. 2011
M25 2 Northern, eastbound, Ink. 2011
M25 1 on fire, ink, 2010
M25 Northern section, Eastbound, ink, 2010
M25 Eastbound, Ink, work in progress sm 2011
M25 Northern section, Eastbound, Ink, 2011 WORK IN PROGRESS