Raptor express

Rainham Marshes along the Thames, a dull Sunday afternoon. A peregrine surveys the marsh from high up on a pylon, with his back to the streamlined, 16 car Eurostar trains that whoosh by every few minutes. The ducks and waders roost on the banks of the lagoons, and a light pink blush washes into the blue grey cloud cover. As dusk approaches, the distant lights of industry become prominent towards the city
behind me.

Sometimes you’re in the right place just at the right time. On a dull, wet and breezy January afternoon I parked up in a gateway to quickly sketch this ivy covered old oak, where the lane gently slopes away down the hill. A sparrowhawk came gliding past a few inches above the ground, following the centre line of the lane and on down out of site, and perhaps to suddenly fly up over the hedge to catch some unlucky small bird by surprise. I had been there barely five minutes.hawk-gliding-down-the-lane

6 thoughts on “Raptor express

  1. Dear Alan

    What wonderful drawings to start the New Year. How fantastic to be able to draw sparrowhawks up close. The Raptor express is just stunning, love your detail and colour just wonderful.

  2. It’s time you went off and became Wainwright Mark 2 you have become a consummate
    artist/philosopher of Natural History. It’s about time you thought of putting a book together.
    Jo will find you a publisher, she has researched every publisher that ever drew breath!!

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