Recent Sketches

Although this is a pencil sketch, the pattern of light and shade through the oaks,
with greensĀ and oranges setting off the blue road were the attractions here.


Something very satisfying about all the shapes and textures in something like this.
Drawn at the end of the afternoon, still mild with some weak sunshine, while House
Martins wheeled above, catching flies on the wing on their way South.


A view across the Thames at Rainham Marshes. So much potential in places like this.
A quiet and still late afternoon, sun almost gone. Watercolour over pencil drawn
while best bud Roj Whitlock photographed.

4 thoughts on “Recent Sketches

  1. Wow!! Love the cross hatching in the wood pile sketch just perfect, a wonderful study.
    You capture the light so beautifully in your work, especially in the Thameside sketch, the detail and colour is wonderful just the right balance. Thank you for working so hard and sharing your stunning work, they are always so fresh and up lifting thank you.

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