Painting in the studio from plein air charcoal sketch

Often when out and about something catches the eye, whether a pattern, group of objects or angles etc.

These two charcoal drawings were made this summer on sunny days with strong light and shade.
Just for a change I decided to paint the scenes in the studio, using just the sketches and memory.
I used acrylics, applying lose washes and glazes building up from light to dark, similar approach to watercolour.

The result is a feeling of spontaneity and vibrance, helped by the larger sizes of canvas than that which
I normally paint.

Summer shadows, charcoal in A3 sketchbook, and below, acrylic painting from the sketch, 40 x 30″
High sun on the Stour, charcoal sketch, and below, acrylic painting
from the drawing, 36 x 24″