Autumn turns to winter

Below is a sketch of the riverside trees at Nounsley with clouds billowing in from the south west late in the afternoon. The sunlight is low from the left, lighting up the sugar beet in the field. The pencil sketch carries the scene on to the right, the lane dipping down to the ford beyond the roadsigns


Nounsley riverside trees, watercolour sketch. Sunlight lights up the foreground sugar beet as the clouds billow in from the south west
The ink drawing below is of trees in my local managed woodland. I added some wax to the oak to help achieve the texture of the bark, the background sweet chestnut is smooth by comparison due to being coppiced hard back. Back at the car, a bat flew up and down the car parking area, as a tawny owl hooted in the middle distance and a muntjac barked somewhere nearby. The moon had risen, purple grey clouds wafting past its yellow face, and it was only 4pm….

Most people think a British winter is rain, rain, and er, rain. This ink sketch is of a country lane nearby on a very wet December day, but full of atmosphere nonetheless!

3 thoughts on “Autumn turns to winter

  1. Alan they are fantastic, you are a master of the brush,ink and wax. The wax used in the woods was a brilliant idea, lovely work keep it up. X Sue

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